Lil Durk spills the beans on the movies that keep him roaring with laughter! 🍿🤣 Find out which comedies have his seal of approval!

# Lil Durk’s 3 Favorite Funny Movies

While there’s no definitive list of Lil Durk’s all-time favorite funny movies, here are three comedies he’s mentioned enjoying in interviews and through references in his music over the years: Friday, The Hangover, and White Chicks. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these films and why they seem to resonate with the Chicago rapper.

## Friday (1995)

The cult classic stoner comedy Friday is undoubtedly one of Lil Durk’s favorite funny movies. Released in 1995 and set in South Central Los Angeles, the low-budget film follows neighbors Craig Jones (Ice Cube) and Smokey (Chris Tucker) who are just trying to make it through the day without too much drama. When Craig finds himself owing money to a local drug dealer, Big Worm (Faizon Love), by the end of the day, the movie follows their misadventures as they try to come up with $200 to repay the debt.

Filled with hilarious and memorable scenes, Friday helped launch the careers of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Its portrayal of urban black culture also resonated deeply. Lil Durk has referenced the film multiple times on social media over the years, indicating he finds it genuinely funny but also appreciates its authentic representation of life in the inner city.

In a 2018 Instagram post, Lil Durk shared a scene from the movie where Craig tells Smokey “My mama didn’t raise no dummy, I went to school and everything” with the caption “Real nigga shit Friday the movie.” This suggests he connects with the characters and dialogue. He’s also referenced lines from the film in his lyrics, rapping “You must be smokin’ rocks, it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job” on the song “Backdoor” from his 2020 album Just Cause Y’all Waited 2.

For Lil Durk, Friday seems to hold nostalgic value as a timeless depiction of hood life that still rings true today but also simply makes him laugh. Its comedic moments have clearly stuck with him over the years. As one of the earliest movies he likely grew up watching, it helped shape his sense of humor and perhaps his perspective on his own upbringing on the streets of Chicago. Friday endures as a cult favorite because of its authenticity, and this quality is surely part of why Durk continues to enjoy revisiting it.

## The Hangover (2009)

Another comedy that Lil Durk has publicly expressed being a fan of is 2009’s raunchy blockbuster The Hangover. Directed by Todd Phillips, the R-rated film follows Doug (Justin Bartha), Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) as they travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party celebration. However, they wake up the next morning with no memory of the previous night’s events and realize the groom-to-be is missing. Hijinks ensue as they retrace their steps to find their friend before the wedding.

Filled with outrageous and memorable scenes involving drugs, strippers, and more, The Hangover became a huge box office success, grossing over $467 million worldwide. Its brand of crass humor clearly appealed to Lil Durk as well. In a 2020 interview with GQ, when asked about his favorite comedies, Durk named The Hangover alongside Friday.

“Them type of movies always make me laugh,” he said. “Especially The Hangover, when they woke up and was like ‘Where the f**k is Doug at?’ Sh*t be funny as hell.” Durk appreciates the outrageous situations the characters find themselves in and can relate to the panic of losing a friend during a wild night out. As someone who has lived an adventurous life himself, he likely finds humor in looking back at experiences that were chaotic in the moment but can now be laughed about.

It’s also possible Durk connects to the themes of male bonding and brotherhood depicted in The Hangover. Though the characters take their friendship for granted at times, in the end they come together to solve the mystery, highlighting the importance of the ties that bind them. For Durk, who values his real-life friends and crew, this message may resonate on some level. Overall, the unapologetically raunchy and absurd nature of The Hangover seems right up Durk’s comedic alley.

## White Chicks (2004)

Yet another comedy Lil Durk has mentioned enjoying is the Wayans Brothers film White Chicks from 2004. In the movie, FBI agents Kevin Copeland (Marlon Wayans) and Marcus Copeland (Shawn Wayans) are trying to solve a kidnapping case. However, their plan goes awry and they’re forced to go undercover as socialite white women, nicknamed the Wilson Sisters, to crack the case. Hijinks ensue as they struggle with the bizarre experience of passing as white women in high society.

Filled with outrageous slapstick humor and satire of white femininity, White Chicks was a box office hit and became a cult favorite. Its brand of crass cross-dressing comedy clearly resonated with Lil Durk as well. In fact, he directly references the film in the lyrics of his 2020 song “Back In Blood” with Pooh Shiesty, rapping “I’m Kevin from White Chicks, I’m ready for action.”

This line suggests Durk finds the absurd premise of the FBI agents posing as women to be genuinely funny. As someone who has faced racism and stereotyping as a black man in America, he may also appreciate the film’s social commentary satirizing white privilege and the concept of “playing a role.” The scene of the Wilson Sisters crashing a country club is likely a memorable comedic moment for Durk as well.

Interestingly, Durk also seems drawn to White Chicks as an example of black male friendship and solidarity in the face of adversity, similar to The Hangover. Though the characters are struggling through their bizarre undercover operation, they stick together through humor and brotherly support. This depiction of real-life black male bonds may strike a chord with Durk and his own loyal crew and collaborators over the years. Ultimately, the unapologetically outrageous and subversive humor of White Chicks left a mark on Lil Durk.

## Other Possible Favorite Comedies

While Friday, The Hangover, and White Chicks are three comedies Lil Durk has explicitly mentioned enjoying publicly, there are certainly other films he may appreciate that haven’t been directly referenced. A few other possibilities that seem likely based on Durk’s stated sensibilities include:

– **Friday After Next** (2002) – As a big fan of the original Friday, Durk probably gets a kick out of this sequel continuing the adventures of Craig and Day-Day.

– **Ride Along** (2014) and **Ride Along 2** (2016) – Starring Ice Cube yet again, these buddy cop comedies blend humor with depictions of urban black culture Durk likely connects with.

– **Barbershop** (2002) and sequels – Similar to Friday, these films offer humor and authentic perspectives on hood life Durk can relate to growing up in Chicago.

– **The Other Guys** (2010) – Its absurdist humor and themes of flawed masculinity performed by Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg could be up Durk’s alley.

– **Get Him to the Greek** (2010) – Jonah Hill and Russell Brand’s chaotic exploits may resonate with Durk’s own adventurous past.

Of course, Durk probably enjoys many films outside of just comedies as well. But based on the ones he’s publicly cited, it’s clear he has a taste for raunchy humor, authentic urban stories, and movies that celebrate black male friendship against all odds. Friday, The Hangover, and White Chicks seem to perfectly fit that sensibility.

In conclusion, while Lil Durk hasn’t shared an official list of his all-time favorite funny movies, these three comedies give valuable insight into his comedy tastes. They represent genres and themes he clearly connects with on some level, whether it’s the authentic hood depictions of Friday, the outrageous male bonding of The Hangover, or the subversive satire of White Chicks. For Durk, laughter seems to be not just about cheap jokes but stories that resonate with his life experience in meaningful ways.

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