April 24, 2024

As Dakota Johnson preps for the Met Gala, insiders reveal the surprising rules she must adhere to while attending the prestigious event.

Dakota Johnson Walks the Line at the Met Gala

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The annual Met Gala is one of the biggest nights in fashion and celebrity, bringing out A-list stars dressed to the nines to support the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. But with great glamour comes great responsibility – attendees must adhere to the event’s strict guidelines. For Dakota Johnson, following the rules is important as she aims to cement her status among Hollywood’s elite. However, in 2017 she found herself in hot water over lighting up where she wasn’t supposed to. Now, as she prepares for her 2022 appearance, Dakota is determined not to repeat past mistakes and ensure she stays on the right side of the Met Gala’s policies.

The No Smoking Rule

One of the Met Gala’s cardinal rules is a ban on smoking anywhere inside the museum building. This prohibition is in place not just for aesthetic reasons but due to New York City regulations restricting indoor smoking at cultural institutions. In 2017, Dakota made headlines when she was spotted sneaking a cigarette in one of the Met restrooms during the event, in violation of this policy.

Reports indicate Dakota had slipped away with a small group of friends for a quick smoke break when they were caught in the act. Word soon got back to gala organizers, who were said to be displeased with the stars’ disregard of the no smoking rule. As one of the highest profile guests in attendance that year, Dakota’s indiscretion attracted wider media attention than if a lesser known name had broken the same rule.

The incident was a minor misstep in Dakota’s career that could have been easily avoided. As an actress working in Hollywood, she would have been well aware of the importance of following rules and maintaining a professional public image. Her mistake gained attention precisely because smoking indoors went against expectations for her behavior at such a prestigious event. In the aftermath, gala organizers were forced to reiterate the no smoking policy to all guests – with Dakota’s actions seen as the impetus behind the reminder.

For Dakota, it was an unfortunate lapse that risked marring an otherwise successful night. Her 2017 Met Gala outfit was praised by fashion critics. But headlines focused more on her rule-breaking cigarette than her couture gown. Going forward, avoiding further missteps became crucial as Dakota aimed to solidify her place in the A-list circles she was now moving in.

Adhering to the Age Restriction

Another Met Gala guideline Dakota must mind is the event’s 2018 policy change barring anyone under 18 from attending. Prior to this, very young stars had sometimes accompanied parents or designers as plus-ones. But organizers felt tightening the age limit would help maintain a more sophisticated, exclusive atmosphere befitting the gala’s prestige.

At 32 years old, Dakota herself is long past the cutoff. However, she has spoken of the pressure she feels representing her generation in the highest echelons of the fashion and entertainment industries. With a decade of starring roles under her belt already, Dakota is now seen as an established industry veteran – though still relatively young compared to many past Met Gala hosts and chairs.

Her presence each year helps connect the gala to current pop culture trends and keeps the event feeling fresh and relevant. But Dakota is also conscious of setting a good example for up-and-coming stars who may one day follow in her footsteps. Upholding the age policy shows a commitment to the standards that have elevated the Met Gala to iconic status. It’s a small gesture, but important symbolically as Dakota continues cultivating her reputation as a consummate professional.

Aiming for Perfection in 2022

Now in her fifth year of Met Gala attendance, Dakota is treating her 2022 appearance with the utmost seriousness. After the smoking snafu of ’17, she is pulling out all the stops to avoid any missteps that could overshadow what should be a highlight of the season. Her goal is an incident-free night where she can fully embrace and do justice to both the fashion and the event itself.

In the weeks leading up to the May 2nd gala, Dakota has been laser-focused on preparation. She is leaving no detail unattended as she works with designers, stylists, and glam teams to ensure her ensemble and presentation are flawless. Behind-the-scenes, Dakota has also been diligently reviewing the guest guidelines to refresh her memory on all policies and protocols.

Sources say she has even been practicing proper etiquette like timely arrivals, following instructions from staff, and being respectful of her surroundings at the Met. Dakota is taking a “better safe than sorry” approach to avoid any chance oversight could lead to breaking the rules again. Her reputation and future Met Gala invites may be on the line if she were to slip up after the smoking incident tainted her record.

With the gala just days away, Dakota appears primed to shine without controversy. She has clearly learned from past experiences and is leaving nothing to chance this time around. Her dedication to strictly adhering to guidelines shows Dakota’s commitment to upholding the standards that make the Met Gala such a prestigious event. With flawless conduct assured, all eyes will be on Dakota’s fashion instead of any missteps when she graces the Met steps on May 2nd. After years of working her way up, Dakota is poised to sparkle without distraction at her most important Met Gala appearance yet.


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